About Us

CEDES develops intelligent, safe sensor solutions. We combine pioneering spirit with Swiss quality to strengthen our customers’ powers of innovation around the globe.


We understand our customers, their situations and their markets. Our extensive expertise and passion for technology enable us to develop leading-edge solutions for the future.


We are driven to constantly seek new possibilities. Using visionary and unconventional ideas, we captivate and inspire our customers, continually extending our leadership role in global sensor solutions.


We know what we are doing. Our name stands for consistent Swiss quality - this allows our customers around the globe to place their wholehearted trust in us.

The CEDES story

CEDES has been developing innovative solutions since 1986 for safety and information systems, automation, monitoring, industrial computers and controls. Beginning life as a two-person start-up in a kitchen, CEDES now employs around 400 people worldwide as a global leader in optical sensors utilizing active infrared technology and image processing.

From those humble beginnings, it took the company less than a decade to become a global leader in elevator sensor technology. We developed the first commercial light curtain in 1991, which has become the industry standard. Then our slot-type light barriers revolutionized elevator positioning and our latest hoistway communications solutions are doing the same for the 21st century.
We have taken that same pioneering spirit and expanded into the entrance automation markets to provide ultra-reliable comfort and safety sensor solutions for pedestrian, industrial and residential doors as well as for transportation & people-flow, warehouse management and automated windows.

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